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About Kazhcha Indie Film Festival

The maiden edition of the festival will be held from 8-11 December.

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Films by independent filmmakers rarely get their due at major film festivals in India, even if they have been recognized and appreciated globally. The Kazhcha Indie Film Festival (K!FF), to be held from 8-11 December, is a voice against the neglect meted out to shoe-string budget films by the International Film Festival of Kerala.

Presented by the Kazhcha Film Forum and Niv Art Movies, the four day festival will screen 12 indie features, including Geethu Mohandas’s Liar’s Dice, Karma Takapa’s Ralang Road and Miransha Naik’s Juze.

The maiden edition of the festival not only aims to provide indie filmmakers a platform and audience, but also to guide them on the global markets and its potentials.

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Kazhcha Indie Film Festival