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Vidya Balan to receive notice from FDA for violating advertising norm

In an advertisement, Vidya promoted a cough syrup stating it can be taken for any cough related ailment.

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will be sending notices to actress Vidya Balan and producers of her recently released film Tumhari Sulu for allegedly violating norms during an advertisement campaign for the cough syrup Torex. 

Vidya, through the advertisement, stated that the syrup can be taken for any cough related ailment. She is seen saying in the advertisement, “Sulu ke har safar mein uska saathi, Torex cough syrup ho, toh alvida khansi.’

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The FDA is not happy with the makers promoting an over-the-counter medicine without an advisory since the drug can have adverse effects if not taken without the guidance from a qualified doctor.  

FDA commissioner Pallavi Darade told the newspaper Free Press Journal, “The advertisement campaign violated the basic norm of advising the readers and target audience to exercise caution while using the medicine. The notices pointed out that the advertisers did not advice the patients to not use the drug without a physician’s consultation.” 

The syrup is produced by Torque Pharmaceuticals, which came under FDA scanner in 2015 for allegedly including corticosteroid in its fairness cream product. 

Speaking further about the matter, Darade added, “We are aware of the fact that Torque Pharmaceutical is involved in both of these products. We will definitely check the contents of the syrup and issue notices based on the complaint.” 

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The matter came to light after Dr Tushar Jagtap filed a complaint with the FDA where he stated, “As you are aware that, whenever a drug is prescribed by a qualified doctor he/she takes into account many factors regarding the safety, efficacy and need of that particular molecule. The doctor also takes into account the age of the patient, dosage schedule, drug interactions, history of allergy, its tolerability, efficacy, cost-effectiveness, its form and many other aspects which are of vital importance.”