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It's official! Rajinikanth announces decision to launch political party

The superstar said he would float a party soon and contest all 234 constituencies in the next assembly election in Tamil Nadu.

Manigandan KR

Rajinikanth has finally bitten the bullet after wondering whether he should or should not for over 21 years.

The Southern superstar officially announced today that he would be entering politics. Addressing fans at the Raghavendra Kalyana Mandapam, Rajinikanth said he would soon float a new political party and contest all 234 constituencies in Tamil Nadu in the next assembly election.

The actor said he would not contest the forthcoming local body polls as there is little time to prepare, but his party would be ready for the next assembly election, scheduled to be held in early 2021.

Rajinikanth came down hard on the political administration in the state in the past year since the death of chief minister J Jayalalithaa. Stating that the political scenario has become shameful, the superstar said there is a need for people like him and other like-minded persons to come together and usher in political change. 

Talking to his fans, Rajinikanth said, "My coming to politics is certain. This is a development which has been commanded by time. I will be starting a separate party and contest all 234 constituencies in the state of Tamil Nadu. Before that, there are the local body polls. But because of shortness of time, I will not contest these polls."

He continued, "I am not coming to politics for fame, wealth, or name. You people have given me all that 1000 times more than what I even imagined. I am not coming for position. If I had to come for position, the chair of CM came searching for me in 1996. I chose to set it aside.

"I never had a desire for positional power when I was 45, will I have such a desire for that position when I am 68? If such desire arises, I will be a mad man.

"This is not for position. So, what is it I am coming to politics for?

"Politics has become bad. Democracy has been destroyed. Political developments in the state in the last one year have made us a laughing stock of the people of other states. It has made all Tamilians hang their head in shame.

"At this time, if I don't make this decision, I will be tormented by a feeling of guilt that I have not undertaken even a democratic move to help the gods who made me live, that is the people of Tamil Nadu. This feeling will torment me till I die.

"Everything has to change. It is time for change."

Stating that he would formally launch his party after the assembly elections are announced — most political observers do not expect the current All-India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam government in the state to last its full term — the actor said he would resign in three years if he was unable to deliver on his promises.

Rajinikanth's announcement sent fans into delirium across the state and they began celebrating the announcement. The announcement also triggered a flurry of activity in political circles in Tamil Nadu.