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Kasaba producer offers job to man who abused Parvathy, calls it 'act of empathy'

The actress faced rabid online trolling for calling out the misogyny in the 2016 film starring Mammootty.

Our Correspondent

While film industries across India are trying to reshape their image with more woman-centric films, the producer of the Mammootty-starrer Kasaba is on a different trip.

Kasaba ran into a serious controversy when actress Parvathy criticized the rampant misogyny depicted in the film. Her stand brought Parvathy unbridled abuse and even rape threats online.

Following her complaint, the Kerala police arrested two men, Printo and Rojan, for abusing and threatening the actress. Now, according to the website thenewsminute.com, one of these men, Printo, has been offered a job by the producer of Kasaba.

On Thursday, a Malayalam Facebook page put up a video of Printo's release on bail. The video received several comments praising the man for his actions, including one by Goodwill Entertainment's Joby George, who wrote: 'Mone [son], if you can give your number or come to my home or office till my death you have a job whether in India, Dubai, Australia or the UK.'

The statement is a continuation of George's stance against Parvathy's comments. George had called the comments unwarranted and a 'publicity gimmick'.

Parvathy, though, stuck to her stance, saying, 'Cinema can reflect all aspects of society and all kinds of people. The good, the bad and the ugly. But no! It cannot glorify injustice and violence as "cool" & "mass" entertainment.' 

The website quoted producer George justifying his comment, saying, "I wrote that comment with all sincerity. Imagine this as an act of empathy from a man who has been wronged for something he has not done, to another man in a similar situation. Printo did not do anything. He is not a fan or anything. He was a bright student."

The report quoted George as saying that Parvathy should have forgiven Printo for his actions. "He may have made a mistake, why can’t we forgive?" the producer said.

Kasaba is a black comedy crime film directed by Nithin Renji Panicker.