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Singer Monali Thakur: Raising voice against injustice makes country progressive

Thakur will soon be seen in the seventh season of the programme MTV Unplugged.

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National award-winning singer Monali Thakur says expressing a constructive opinion on social injustice makes a country more progressive.

Asked whether India is growing as a progressive society, Thakur told the IANS news agency, "Well, it has a really complex answer. I cannot tell you in one word. I have questions in mind on the same.

"Why are we narrowing down on things? Why can't we tolerate each other's opinion rather looking for an opportunity to pull each other down? Instead of raising our voice and contributing to issues to solve it, why are we criticizing people on the matter? I think making buildings does not make a country progressive, raising voice against injustice does."

The singer, who earlier joined the #makingthefuture campaign, will soon be seen in the seventh season of the Royal Stag Barrel Select MTV Unplugged.

Known for her versatility in singing, Thakur says she tries to look at songs through different perspectives.

"I think it is the way you are interpreting the meaning of the lyrics," she said. "There is a difference between seduction and vulgarity. When I am singing a song that people call 'item song', I try to find the broader perspective of the song and its treatment. I do not think in one limited perspective that can narrow the thought."

The singer feels the process of making the unplugged version is interesting.

"In an unplugged version, the instrumentation changes and so does the treatment of the song," she explained. "As a singer, it is interesting to me because we are trying how differently we can sing the same song without losing its soul. We rehearse and go through a trial-and-error before zeroing in on one. I love this process."

Recalling her early days in show business, Thakur said, "I used to be so conscious about performing live. In my head, I was like, 'They are judging me on my capability as a singer'. You cannot perform if you are anxious. But with time, I realized that they are here to sing along, to enjoy my music, and not for judging. So now when I go on stage I feel like, 'That's my space'."