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I used to stammer when I was a kid: Rani Mukerji

While speaking at the trailer launch of her latest film Hichki, the actress said that those speech-impaired are challenged in every part of their lives.

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Actress Rani Mukerji, who attended the trailer launch of her upcoming film Hichki on Tuesday, 19 December, says that speech impairment is not a subject but a reality that most people live with in real life.

When asked if talking about the speech impairment issue with the movie will help bring awareness, she said: "First of all, I would like to say this isn't a subject but a part of many lives. The people who suffer from the syndrome are challenged in every part of their lives. During research for the role, I met many kids who suffered from it and their parents, they haven't been able to come out properly in India."

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"If you look at America, where there are stand up comedians, who stepped forward and took their 'turrets' in their act, in their comic format. So now when we start talking about it in India, I am sure lot more people will come forward and talk about their experience," added Mukerji.

The actress also informed that her performance in the movie also comes from a very personal space as she used to stammer in her childhood.

"I used to stammer when I was a kid and my mom was also facing the same thing. My elder brother still does. I have overcome the issue a lot because as an actress I have to say many dialogues, express many emotions and stammering usually takes place and is highly noticeable when you are emotionally affected," she said.

"I had to control it a lot and work a lot on it but the good thing is, if you can overcome it you can make your weakness your strength," Mukerji added.

Hichki traces the journey of a teacher who suffers from Turrets syndrome. Students make fun of the side-effects of her disease and schools do not agree to hire her. Finally, she gets admitted to one of the schools but has to deal with a set of underprivileged students who no one wants to teach.

When asked if there were any other films offered to her after Mardaani (2014), she said: "I don't remember as such but after pregnancy when I decided and said that I want to do a film, I was offered Hichki."

Directed by Siddharth P Malhotra, the film is produced by Maneesh Sharma under the banner of Yash Raj Films.

It is slated to be released on 23 February 2018.