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Nawazuddin calls Sunita Rajwar's angry outburst a publicity stunt

The Mom (2017) actor claimed that the Sunita he had referred to in his controversial book was not Rajwar.

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Our Correspondent

One thought the fire had been doused after actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui decided to withdraw his book 'An Ordinary Life: A Memoir' following the backlash from former girlfriends Niharika Singh and Sunita Rajwar.

The latter even filed a defamation suit for Rs2 crore against Siddiqui. Now, defending himself, Siddiqui has claimed he was not talking about Sunita Rajwar in his book but some other woman named Sunita.

Rajwar dismissed Siddiqui's defence as a lie. "I have been told I am not the Sunita he wrote about in his book," Rajwar told the website Spotboye.com. "And I have also been asked to prove I am the Sunita he had written about."

In response, she shared pictures of herself with Siddiqui during their time at the National School of Drama in Delhi. "He himself has given all the evidence in his memoir that I am the one he is talking about," she said. "First, he wrote my name in the book along with National School of Drama, though without surname, but there was no other Sunita in NSD in our batch. Then he referred to that girl as a 'pahadi'. Again there was no girl from the hills other than me. He also mentioned that the Sunita in his book was a roommate of famous TV actress Achint Kaur, because of whose influence she might have left him, so it's clear, as I was sharing accommodation with Achint Kaur," Rajwar told the Mumbai Mirror tabloid.

Rajwar said a notice received from Siddiqui's lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui has threatened her with three years in prison. Rajwar shared a picture of the notice on Spotboye.com. The purported notice equates Rajwar's defamation suit to extortion and list the maximum punishment for the offence.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui had revealed explicit details of his liaisons with Miss Lovely (2012) co-star Niharika Singh and with Sunita Rajwar in his book.