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Wonder what Aiyaary means? Director Neeraj Pandey explains 

Based on a true incident, Pandey says the tile of his film means the ultimate trickery.

Our Correspondent

From the time the the film has been announced, fans have been left intrigued by the unique title of Aiyaary. Director Neeraj Pandey, though has opened the the lid behind the unique title. 

Speaking to a daily, Pandey said, “Aiyaary has been a special project with a very exciting ensemble. 'Aiyaary' means, the ultimate trickery. The word 'Aiyaary' fabulously sums up what a soldier ultimately resorts to in the face of extreme crisis. His intelligence, sharpness and wit not only bedazzles his own troops, but also earns him the respect of his enemies.” 

The film is said to be based on a true incident that revolves around two army officers - played by Sidharth Malhotra and Manoj Bajpayee The film is set to be released on 26th January, and will be competing with Akshay Kumar’s Pad Man.