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Pad Man trailer: Akshay Kumar promises another socially relevant film

The film appears to be R Balki's most commercial project till date, and is set to be released on 26 January 2018.

Keyur Seta

Over the past few years, Akshay Kumar has consciously carved out an identity of his own by regularly starring in socially relevant films. He now carries the woman-centric issue forward in R Balki’s Pad Man. The film's much-awaited trailer promises another light-hearted saga that deals with a social cause. 

Pad Man tells the story of a man hailing from a village in Madhya Pradesh. He is nicknamed 'Pad Man' because he makes sanitary pads for menstruating women as he is deeply concerned about them. The task, though, is a struggle since speaking about periods is still taboo in large parts of India, especially in rural areas. It also leads to a souring of his relationship with his wife (played by Radhika Apte). His only ray of hope emerges when a city-based woman (Sonam Kapoor) joins him in this crusade.

Akshay Kumar appears impressive in the titular role. It seems the role is tailor-made for him as he shows some glimpses of the emotional arc his character goes through. His speech in broken English to a convention in the US is cute and moving. 

The film seems to be Balki’s most commercial project since date. Balki's film has been developed on The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad, written by Twinkle Khanna, which was based on the life of Tamil Nadu social activist Arunachalam Muruganathan. Women across India continue to face discrimination because of various taboos attached to menstruation. For example, they aren't allowed to enter temples during their periods. One hopes the film also tackles this aspect. 

Earlier in the year, director Abhishek Saxena’s Phullu dealt with the same social issue. Sharib Hashmi played the main lead as the rustic villager who takes on the challenge of making sanitary pads for women. 

Pad Man will be released on Republic Day on 26 January 2018. 

Watch the trailer:

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