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Kangana Ranaut: Backlash against Zaira Wasim is so upsetting

The Queen actress also expressed her displeasure at the way women are ordered to do certain things to make sure they are not harassed or molested. 

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Our Correspondent

Actress Kangana Ranaut is the latest from the Hindi film fraternity to express support to teenage actress Zaira Wasim. The Dangal and Secret Superstar actress alleged that she was molested by a man on a flight on Sunday. At the same time, Wasim is also facing flak on social media from a section of the society for allegedly cooking up the story of molestation.

This has clearly upset Ranaut. “The backlash this young girl is getting is so upsetting. Instead of lauding a girl for speaking up, people are judging and questioning her,” she said during the launch of Shobha De’s book, Seventy And To Hell With It.

Considering not many stars have spoken up on the issue, Ranaut was asked if she was scared of doing the same. “If I don’t talk, someone else will. It is not that if I don’t talk and act like an ostrich, no one will bring it to my notice. I have always had options (to let things go), but I wont succumb to that,” she answered.

The Queen actress feels people will understand her in the future, if not today. “The intention is never to be disliked. There might be a wrong impression of me for taking a stand today but may be 10-14 years down the line, I know I will be respected for my stand and my convictions, if not loved,” she added.

Ranaut also expressed her displeasure on questioning women for the behaviour of molesters. “To tell our women, ‘Next time, make sure not to wear that dress, and you don’t go to that hotel room at this point of time and also don’t be too ambitious,’ all these things are not healthy. What we are telling our children is that they are responsible for a sexual offender’s behaviour,” she said.

She added, “How can I be responsible? I am going to my work. Even if I am going out with my colleague or I am having wine with a friend or a partner, how can my clothing, my demeanour convert someone into a sexual offender? It’s not in my hands.”