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Here's why Rajinikanth is not home on his birthday

An incident that took place 27 years ago triggered the decision to go away from the city or country on every birthday. 

Our Correspondent

Rajinikanth’s fans across India are quite gung ho about his birthday (12 December). But for the last 27 years, the actor makes it a point to go outside city (Chennai) or country on his birthday. Not many would know that there is a tragic story behind this practice.

On his 62nd birthday, which fell on the iconic date 12/12/12, Rajinikanth stayed back in Chennai and revealed the reason for being away on his birthday to his fans.

“I used to always be in town on my birthdays. About 22 years ago [now 27], three of my fans on returning home after meeting me on my birthday died in a car accident. The bereaved parents asked me a question, which I was not able to answer and I would not like to share what was that question with you here either. That day I decided not be at my home on birthdays,” he said.

But Thalaiva, as he is popularly called, uses the day off to his advantage. “I used that decision to my advantage by going out of station and spending the day alone as I introspect about the things I’d done so far. And also think about the things I’m doing at present and the things I’d like to do in future,” he added.

Rajinikanth is gearing up for his keenly awaited film, 2.0. Sequel to his 2010 hit Robot, it also stars Akshay Kumar in a pivotal role.