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Lijo Jose Pellissery: KIFF is a space where independent films can reach much more easily

The filmmaker speaks about the space opened up by the Kazhcha Indie Film Festival in Kerala for young independent filmmakers.

Sukhpreet Kahlon

Filmmaker Lijo Jose Pellissery, who has gathered a legion of young fans with his films made in the gangster genre, attended a 'Coffee Chat' session at the ongoing Kazhcha Indie Film Festival (KIFF) with fellow filmmakers.

Speaking to about KIFF and the reasons behind its inception he said, “I really feel that it’s a parallel platform which is happening in Trivandrum during IFFK and I don’t really see any harm in having a parallel platform where people can come and feature their cinema, especially independent cinema which has not gone into the festival circuit.” 

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The filmmaker, who engaged in a session with filmmakers about the problems in marketing independent films, emphasized on the need for such platforms for encouraging new talent. He said, “I really feel that there should be more platforms like this where we categorise the films and present it in different platforms so it can reach more people. The basic idea of cinema is to reach more people and get the idea out so that is happening through such festivals and everywhere in the world this is happening where parallel films are being shown to the festivals. I also think this is a very personal space so that’s great.” 

Speaking about the possibilities opened up by KIFF for young independent filmmakers he said, “I don’t know the politics of film festivals space itself, but I feel that KIFF is a space where independent films can reach much more easily as opposed to other festivals. I know a lot of filmmakers who are out of film school and are waiting to show their film so this is the kind of space that they can reach.”

KIFF is being held from 8-11 December at Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala.

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