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CBFC denies certification to Tamil film, director Rahesh appalled

The Central Board of Film Certification has refused to certify Marainthirunthu Paarkum Marmam Enna and has asked the director to go to the revising committee for a clearance.


Director Rahesh is appalled by the decision of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) to not certify his upcoming Tamil film Marainthirunthu Paarkum Marmam Enna, which explores crime in grave detail.

"My film is about day-to-day crimes that happen around us. In order to keep everything realistic, I have shown techniques that are used to commit the crimes," Rahesh told IANS.

He claims the CBFC committee had problems with the detailing with which he has showcased crimes.

"I was asked why I showcased the chain-snatching incidents. Their questions shocked me and at the same time I was clueless. You showcase a road accident and use that to endorse the safety of wearing helmets. You can't say you don't want blood to be shown in the road accident," he said.

Rahesh says he is not endorsing crime through his film, but is trying to create awareness.

"For instance, I have shown how chain snatching is usually done and I have also explained what needs to be done to be safe. The government is screening the statutory warning on smoking advertisements in theatres. Can they screen the ad without showing the cigarette," he asked.

Rahesh has been directed to go to the revising committee for a clearance.

"I told the board I won't mind if they give me U/A or even A certificate. But they just were not ready to certify my film. They have asked me to go to revising committee. The process should take three to four weeks," he added.

Mostly starring newcomers, the film features actor-filmmaker JD Chakravarthy in a crucial role.