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When Ranveer Singh's girlfriend dumped him for Aditya Roy Kapoor

Ranveer Singh reveals on #NoFilterNeha that Aditya Roy Kapur was a heartthrob in college.

Mayur Lookhar

A long conversation with Ranveer Singh is bound to provide plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, along with a few candid confessions. What added fuel this fire was Neha Dhupia's thorough research. She threw some entertaining questions at Singh on her audio podcast #NoFilterNeha, which the actor didn't see coming. Dhupia managed to wriggle out how Aditya Roy Kapur was perhaps envied by Singh in college.

Dhupia cheekily asked Singh whether it is true that Kapur always came in the way of his love life. 

Taken aback Singh paused for a second before confessing, "Yes. see Aditya has always been this hot looking guy. He must have been 16-17 then. He was this good looking, hippie, guy. He was a fast bowler, every girl's fantasy in junior college,"  Singh then revealed how his girl friend left him for Aditya, during the college days. 

“I was this crazy about this girl in college. She’s now married with a kid. I was really mad about her. We were dating, but then one fine day she broke up with me,” he said, and was soon interrupted by Dhupia, who asked him whether it was tough to move on, “Well, I have moved on. Aditya too then moved on from her. I went to the US, my life then took a different turn. I really grew as a person,” he added.

There was another candid disclosure as to how Singh imitated a famous Sholay (1975) moment during his school days. In the Ramesh Sippy classic, an inebriated Veeru (Dharmendra) gets on top of a water tank, threatening to kill himself if Basanti (Hema Malini) is not married to him.

“That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve done. I sued to be quite a terror. In school. I was this obnoxious, crazy a guy always craving for attention. Yes, there was the water tank moment. Our class was on the last floor, and above it was the terrace where we had the water tank. We chilled out there,” said Singh while suggesting that he spent time with his girl friend on the terrace. “We got reprimanded badly. I used to scream (from the top of the tank). I love loved living life on the edge. We were this stupid 10th graders,’ said the actor acknowledging that such antics always got attention from girls.