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Simbu trashes report on marriage; lashes out at media, mischief makers

Don't unleash the 'god of a devil', the actor warned mischief mongers spreading malicious rumours.

Manigandan KR

Actor Simbu has lashed out at mischief makers for putting out tweets from a fake handle that resembled his Twitter handle and a section of the media for carrying reports based on those tweets without verifying their veracity. 

The actor, who was irked by reports in a section of the media that claimed that he had tweeted about marrying a heroine who had been a part of the Tamil television show, Bigg Boss, issued a strongly worded statement to refute the reports put out by the media. 

He did not just stop there. He then went on to issue a stern warning through his tweets to the mischief makers who had, through a fake profile, put out such a tweet. He tweeted, “I know who’s behind this fake news. Final warning, if you still (persist)? Different reply in a very different way. Don’t unleash the god of a devil.”

In his statement, Simbu urged the media to only publish news that came from his desk and his verified accounts and not believe the act of someone who wanted to spread false rumours using his name.

He said, "Some unscruplous people targetting me and trying to spoil my name is not new to me. I have overcome such odds frequently. But the latest news that I tweeted some personal announcement with regard to an actress in the Tamil Bigg Boss show is hurting and bogus.

“Some irresponsible people posting such tweets using fake accounts carrying my name is not a surprise to me. But what hurt me deeply was that some media people, trusted such a fake tweet as my own, published and spread it.

“I always believe the media is a place where responsibility and accountability are the forte. But this irresponsible act of some media persons is something I cannot keep quiet and encourage. I hereby request the media to publish the news that comes from my desk and my verified accounts personally and not believe the act of someone who wants to spread false (rumours) in my name,” the actor clarified.