LIFFT India Filmotsav 2017: The complete schedule

Following is the schedule of screenings and events at the world cine festival that takes place at Lonavala between 1 and 5 September 2017.

Our Correspondent

Date Time Film Title – Features
1 Sep 2017 11:00 am Ardh Satya
Director: Govind Nihalani
  2:00 pm Dhoop
Director: Ashwini Chaudhary
  3:00 pm Parched
Director: Leena Yadav
Duration: 117 mins
  5:00 pm Story Mirror – Book-reading session & book launch
  6:00 pm Inauguration of LIFFT India Filmotsav
Conversation with Leena Yadav
Kathak fusion by Rujuta Soman
Short solo play by Rajit Kapur
  9:00 pm Mango Dreams
Director: John Upchurch
Language: English
Duration: 97 mins
  9:00 pm In Custody
Director: Ismail Merchant
Language: Hindi / English
2 Sep 2017 10:00 am The Pineville Heist
Director: Lee Chambers
Duration: 120 mins
Country: Canada
    International Shorts @ Monarch
  Noon Masterclass with Vipin Sharma
Conversation with Vani Tripathi Tikoo
Book reading by Rajit Kapur
Qissebazi by Danish Hussain
  3:00 pm Black Cat
Director: Peter Perdini
Duration: 85 mins
Country: USA
  5:00 pm Alifa
Director: Deep Chaudhary
Language: Assamese
Duration: 108 mins
  7:00 pm Dear Maya
Director: Sunaina Bhatnagar
Language: Hindi
Country: India
Duration: 111 mins
  9:00 pm Feast Of Varanasi
Director: Rajan Patel
Duration: 93 mins
Country: UK
3 Sep 2017 10:00 am Shining Moon
Director: Gustavo Letelier
Language: Spanish
Country: Chile
Duration: 93 mins
    Children's Films @ Monarch        
  Noon Conversation: Rajiv Raghunathan
Short play: Ashique Hussain
Book reading: Mita Vasishth
Story Mirror: Book-reading session – Love Buddy by Major Mohammed Ali Shah and Taranjit Kaur
  3:00 pm Maya Mridanga
Director: Raja Sen
Language: Bengali
Country: India
Duration: 123 mins
  5:00 pm Amma Ki Boli
Duration: Narayan Chauhan
Country: India
Duration: 117 mins
  7:00 pm She, The Sergeant Matacho
Language: Colombian / Spanish
Country: Colombia
Duration: 120 mins
  9:00 pm Lathe Joshi
Director: Mangesh Joshi
Language: Marathi
Country: India
Duration: 90 mins
4 Sep 2017 10:00 am Aaram Arivu (Sixth Sense)
Director: Bharat Vijay
Language: Tamil
Country: India
Duration: 107 mins
    Indian Shorts @ Monarch        
  Noon Masterclass with Pia Benegal
Book reading by Preeta Mathur Thakur
Short play by Girish Pardesi
  3:00 pm Aarti
Director: Sarika Mene
Language: Marathi
Country: India
Duration: 117 mins
  5:00 pm Khamiyaza
Director: Deekshit Kaul
Language: Hindi
Country: India
Duration: 121 mins
  7:00 pm Aberrante
Director: Mauro Russo Rouge
Language: Italian
Country: India
Duration: 80 mins
  9:00 pm Eh Janam Tumhare Lekhe
Director: Harijit Singh
Language: Punjabi
Country: India
Duration: 148 mins
5 Sep 2017 10:00 am Palyadawasi
Director: Pragati Kolage
Language: Marathi
Country: India
Duration: 120 mins
    Documentary & Green Films @ Monarch
  Noon Conversation: Sunaina Bhatnagar, Mukesh Chhabra, Vibhu Puri, Sohan Thakur, Ashwini Chaudhary
  2:00 pm Pechorin Director: Roman Khrusch
Language: Russian
Country: Russia
Duration: 97 mins
  4:00 pm Ti Ani Itar
Director: Govind Nihalani
Language: Marathi
Country: India
Duration: 101 mins
  6:00 pm LIFFT India Awards 2017: Closing ceremony

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