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About LIFFT India

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LIFFT INDIA Awards & Filmotsav, a non-profit world cine festival, has been established in 2017 by Riju Bajaj under the banner of M/s Riju Bajaj Media & Entertainment (RBME) to promote the best of film, new media and television content in Lonavala produced by independent, student and professional filmmakers from across the globe.

LIFFT India is a global touring festival of Literature, Illusion, Information, Film, Frame, Television and Theatre awards to originate from and be held annually in Lonavala, a tourist destination located midway between Mumbai and Pune.

The festival will also host Q&A sessions, conversations, and masterclasses with eminent filmmakers and actors to help disseminate knowledge of filmmaking amongst film enthusiasts. LIFFT India will also explore marketing possibilities to help independent, student and professional filmmakers to market their films and future projects.

LIFFT India plans to integrate all possible genres, modes, styles and formats of filmmaking, with films meant for theatrical release, television distribution, video-on-demand services, online players, etc being brought under one roof to boost the exchange of ideas and possibilities among them.

The first edition of LIFFT India Awards & Filmotsav in 2017 allows entry to children to view films for the children’s film category, making it the only film festival in India that encourages children to participate along with professional filmmakers. It hopes this will help to create a platform for budding filmmakers and artistes.

LIFFT India is also introducing the 'film club' and 'satellite' or moving film festival concept to achieve the best outreach and promotions for films that are part of the festival. It will benefit filmmakers with enhanced exposure to a diverse audience. The officially selected films will be screened at professionally equipped auditoria to provide a world-class experience.

The festival strives to promote stage artistes as well by organizing an international theatre festival called LIFFT INDIA Natyotsav integrated with the Filmotsav in 2018. A Sahityotsav and Chitrotsav will also be organized in due course.

LIFFT India also strives to promote the concept of a green film festival by opting to be fully digital, paperless and zero-waste with recycling and other possible means of being eco-friendly.