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Actress assault case: Pulsar Suni names Kavya Madhavan as 'madam'

The main suspect in the sensational abduction of an actress case, Pulsar Suni, has claimed that the 'madam' he had mbeen referring to all along in the case was none other than actress Kavya Madhavan.

Photo: Kavya Madhavan Twitter

Manigandan KR

Pulsar Suni, the prime suspect in the sensational case pertaining to the abduction and sexual assault of a popular south Indian actress in a moving car, has named actress Kavya Madhavan, the wife of incarcerated actor Dileep, as the 'Madam' he had been referring to in the past. 

Until now, Suni had been referring to a person associated with the case as only 'madam'. He had reportedly confessed that he was given money by her and that he had taken instructions from her.

When Suni was brought by the police to be produced in court yesterday, reporters asked him who Madam was. He shot back saying, it was Kavya. "Kavya. I have said the name Kavya before. But then, I am a thief. Why are you listening to the confessions of a thief?" he shouted out loud.

It may be recalled that Suni had reportedly confessed to the police that he had handed over the pen drive containing the videos and pictures of the assault of the actress to a staff of Lakshyah, a boutique that is owned by actress Kavya. 

Suni's recent statement is bound to have the cops knocking on the doors of Kavya, whose husband Dileep has been arrested for allegedly masterminding the attack.