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Newton trailer: Rajkummar's honest officer stands out in this dark comedy

Directed by Amit Masurkar, the film is produced by Drishyam Films and Eros Films.

Shriram Iyengar

Directed by Amit Masurkar, Newton has already received critical appreciation at international film festivals. Starring Rajkummar Rao, Pankaj Tripathi, Sanjay Mishra, Anjali Patil and Raghuvir Yadav. The film won the Art Cinema award at the Berlin Film Festival in 2017, and the Jury Prize for Best Film at the Hong Kong International Film Festival 2017.

The film's trailer was released yesterday on

The trailer begins with a gentle description of Newton's character. An honest, upright government employee, he opposes an arranged marriage to a 16 year old girl on the grounds that she is underage. However, this is not necessarily a good quality. As Sanjay Mishra's character tells him 'Your problem is that you take too much pride in your honesty."

The trouble emerges when Newton is sent on a mission, along with other officials to manage an election in a Maoist affected area.

Surrounded by people who have little interest and belief in the running of an election, and the effect it has on people, Newton is fighting a lost battle. Yet, he does not give up. From admonishing a senior (Raghuvir Yadav) for playing cards, or arguing with the colonel (Pankaj Tripathi) over running the voting process, Newton believes that he has to change things, for things to change.

The sparkling dialogues, wit, and some quality acting all around, the trailer is impressive as it is engrossing.

After Berlinale win, Rajkummar Rao's Newton bags award at Hong Kong film fest

The trailer also hints at the complexity, and sometimes, the futility of the democratic process. The sign of Tripathi's menacing colonel is also a hint at the dark nature of the voting process in and around the fringes of the country. The last scene that has Newton standing with a gun in his hand, threatening the army colonel, adds to the whole intrigue.

Masurkar's film carries within it some comments on the current democracy, tinged with dark humour. The performances of Tripathi, Mishra and even Patil adds to the magic of the trailer. But it is Rao who stands out with his portrayal of the sincere, over-eager and somewhat naive Newton.

Produced by Manish Mundra, Newton is set to be released in theatres on 22 September.