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Complaint filed against Rishi Kapoor with Mumbai cyber cell

The actor's seemingly innocent tweet of a popular meme seems to have attracted some unwanted attention online.

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Shriram Iyengar

You can always depend upon Rishi Kapoor to create something interesting every day. The actor, whose honest tweets sometimes earn him the wrath of online trolls, has started off another storm with his innocent tweet on Saturday.

Early on Saturday morning, the actor put up a tweet saying, "All this submission to your wrong guide is crap. People take advantage of your vulnerability. If they become the voice you follow then....."

While Kapoor might have just used the image to poke fun at the herd mentality of people, he might have bit off more than he can chew. An NGO, Jai Ho Foundation, has pulled up the actor for tweeting the image of a naked child.

In a complaint sent in to the cyber cell of the Mumbai police, the foundation's president, Afroz Malik, and general secretary, advocate Adil Khatri, have requested for the POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) and IT Acts to be applied against the actor.

In the complaint, the foundation writes, "We, the Activist of Jai Ho Foundation, would request you to immediately register FIR on Actor Rishi Kapoor under relevant sections of  POCSO Act and IT Act for posting indecent, nude  and vulgar picture of a minor child on his Twitter account @chintskap .

Mr Rishi Kapoor has more than 2.6 Million followers on Twitter account. This means this  pornographic image material got circulated to  more than 2.6 Million people . There are more than 66 retweets and 476 likes as of now on his this indecent image.

We request you to file FIR on him and set an example that rule of  law is above all."

The complaint has been addressed to the cyber cell branch of the Mumbai police, despite the image being one used in thousands of memes before. It is likely that the actor might have something more to say on the matter before the issue ends.