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Not Prasoon Joshi, but Nihalani banned Toofan Singh, clarifies Raza Murad

New reports about Joshi banning the very first film that he took up as the CBFC chief have been making rounds. 

Keyur Seta

A lot of news reports have been floating around since yesterday about the Prasoon Joshi led Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) refusing to certify Punjabi film Toofan Singh. It is also mentioned that it was the first film to be taken up by Joshi to certify, who was recently appointed as the new CBFC chief. 

However, it is now learnt that Toofan Singh was banned by the CBFC last year under the leadership of Pahlaj Nihalani, who was removed from the position on 11 August.

In July 2016, a few news reports were also carried stating that the Nihalani led CBFC had banned the Toofan Singh. 

Quelling the confusion, actor Raza Murad spoke to clarifying that the film was banned during Nihalani's stint at CBFC, he said “It was banned during Nihalani ji’s tenure. It didn’t happen recently. It hasn’t been passed in India. It was released overseas in London, Australia and other places.” Murad plays the role of a Home Minister in the film.

He also shared the reason for CBFC getting irked by the film. “It is a real story about a terrorist. Censors accused us of making a terrorist into a hero. They felt the audience’s sympathy would go towards a terrorist and it will give a wrong message to today’s youth. It is a real story. His real name wasn’t Toofan Singh. But he was given this name because of his personality and deeds,” he added. 

Murad is hopeful that the major changes in CBFC and Information and Broadcasting ministry will help the cause of the film. When asked whether they would be re-opening the matter with the board, he said, “Yes, there is no harm in trying.”