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CBFC asked for 60-64 cuts in Kaalakaandi, confirms source

Quashing the rumours that CBFC had asked for 73 cuts in the film, a reliable source from the film, claimed that there was not a single visual cut demanded.

Mayur Lookhar

Pahlaj Nihalani has been removed as the Central Board of Film Certification chief, but the controversial film-maker created a bustle even as he left office.

His board has advocated a large number of cuts for Saif Ali Khan’s Kaalakaandi. Various media outlets had reported that CBFC asked for a staggering 73 cuts in the film. The Quint had quoted a CBFC member saying that Kaalakaandi made Aamir Khan-produced dark comedy Delhi Belly (2011) look like a Disney film. 

A reliable source closely associated with Kalaakaandi has scoffed at these reports. “I don’t know how some of these reports carried the cuts to be 73. The Disney comment was a bit uncalled for. In America, Kaalakaandi would have perhaps got a PG 13 rating,” said the source. 

Elaborating on the nature of the cuts, the source said, “Firstly, there is not a single visual cut. They are all audio cuts. It’s not just profanity but there are other cuts, too. Probably half of these cuts pertain to few profane words which have been repeated. However, there are instances where they have just taken out the whole sentence. As per my understanding, there were about 60-64 cuts. I have no idea from where this 73 cut figure came about” 

The source expressed surprise as to how the previous CBFC committee seldom looked into the context in which the objected words are used. 

“Some words have been cut where there was no reason. For one word the context mean different and it’s differenty used in another context. The sad part is you don’t get to sit down with them and discuss these things with them, “ explained the source. 

Prasoon Joshi has taken over as the new CBFC chief and it remains to be seen what course of action the makers adopt next; send the film to the revising committeee or appeal to FCAT.

“If we incorporate all the audio cuts, then it will damage the essence of the film.  Whatever is the best route, we will explore them. The production company will decide accordingly what’s best for the film, be it going to the revising committee or appealing to FCAT (Film Certification Appellate Tribunal),’ concluded the source. 

Directed by Akshat Verma, and produced by Cinestaan Film Company, Kaalakaandi was earlier set to be released on 8 September.  The teaser, that was released in July, got a positive response from fans and the media.