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A Gentleman song: Watch Sidharth-Jacqueline get passionately intimate in ‘Lagi Na Choote’

The latest song released from A Gentleman is a soothing romantic number. 

Our Correspondent

The first trailer of director duo Raj-DK’s A Gentleman showed a hint of a love-making scene between the film’s lead pair Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez. The new released ‘Lagi Na Choote’ song features a tastefully shot, elaborate intimate scene.

It is a typical filmi situation where the hero and heroine take shelter after being caught in the rain. They then try to dry themselves. But here is a twist. Usually, it’s the guy who sees the girl undressing and gets attracted to her. In 'Lagi Na Choote', Fernandez is drawn towards a shirtless Malhotra and they are soon seen getting intimate.

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‘Lagi Na Choote’ is a decent, slow, soothing and sensuous song. Star singer Arijit Singh is completely and deeply involved in a song that falls in a genre he rules with his voice. He does a memorable job of love songs, and this time it's no different. The song also has Shreya Ghoshal’s vocals. Ghoshal's part is, however, missing from the 1.3 -minute video released by the makers today.

Composer duo Sachin-Jigar employ soft beats of the drums to set the tempo and suit visuals of the song. The prominent sound of the piano adds a charming quality to the love song in which lovers are discovering physical attraction.

A Gentleman is all set to be released on 25 August.

Watch the song: