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Secret Superstar trailer: Aamir Khan plays mentor to courageous Zaira Wasim

The uplifting trailer of Advait Chandan's quirky film was released today.

Shriram Iyengar

Since the teaser for Secret Superstar and Aamir Khan's look were revealed, fans have been awaiting the trailer for Advait Chandan's film. It was finally released today.

Secret Superstar tells the story of a young girl who wants to become a successful singer. The trailer opens with a bang as Aamir Khan's flamboyant Shakti Kumar walks on stage to present an award. The scene is a dig at Khan's own reputation of staying away from award functions. When he says, 'Ab awards lete lete thak gaya hun [I am tired of winning awards],' it is hard not to laugh. The scene soon segues into a dreamy Zaira Wasim watching television.

While Zaira's character shows off her singing skills, her father's orthodoxy stands in the way. The girl does find support from her mother who encourages her talent on the sly. But it is Aamir Khan's quirky Shakti Kumar who again makes an impression by telling her to pursue her passion despite the challenges. It is then that she turns to YouTube to showcase her talent, and finds fame.

With the entertaining, and irreverent, trailer, Chandan builds excitement for the film. Zaira, who played the young Geeta Phogat in Dangal (2016), looks charming and suitable for the part. But it is Aamir Khan's flamboyant Shakti Kumar who steals the show. Playing a character that is outlandish, Khan looks to be mocking his own sobre, serious personality. The bit where he flirts with a receptionist towards the end of the trailer is also funny.

The music of the trailer offers another promising dimension to the film. Composed by Amit Trivedi, the sound is uplifting and quite catchy.

Secret Superstar is written and directed by Advait Chandan, and stars Zaira Wasim, Meher Vij, Raj Arjun, and Aamir Khan among others. The film is set to be released on 19 October.