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Bhoomi song 'Trippy trippy': Sunny Leone channels the wild cat in her

The lyrics are pretty average, but what works for the track is its peppy music and Sunny's oomph.

Mayur Lookhar

Sunny Leone lights up an item number, but her mere presence cannot guarantee a hit song. The makers of Bhoomi have released the 'Trippy trippy' song, which turns out to be an average item number.

The track begins with Sunny getting down and dirty, quite literally, followed by a bath with hose pipes. The visuals hook you, but the track often crosses over into the sleazy and vulgar space. The lyrics are pretty average, yet Sunny's raunchy moves set temperatures soaring. You have to admire her hip movements, which make her resemble a dancing wild cat.

At the half way mark, the moves become uncomfortably vulgar. With outrageous lyrics like 'ganda shot lagelu, ganda thought lagelu, o baby hot lagelu' and low angle shots, these moves are definitely a ganda shot. Sunny, though, redeems herself in the last minute.

We wonder what made lyricist Priya Saraiya and rapper Badshah come up with words like ganda thought lagelu and psychedelic saiyyan. However, what works for the track is its peppy music and Sunny's oomph. The flute portions by Tejas Vinchukar sets the ball rolling for a foot-tapping Sachin-Jigar number.

You really can’t find fault in the sensual voice of Neha Kakkar. Badshah, Benny Dayal and Brijesh Shandilya compliment Kakkar well.

'Trippy trippy' is essentially a song that needn’t be heard, but seen for Sunny's wild dance moves. Bhoomi is set to be released on 22 September.

Watch 'Trippy trippy' song below: