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Sunny Leone forays into Marathi cinema with Boyz: Watch song

She stars in the remake of the old classic lavani 'Kutha Kutha Jayacha Honeymoon La.'

Keyur Seta

Sunny Leone has become a specialist in item numbers in recent years, following the sorry fate of the films she starred in. 

She has now made inroads in Marathi cinema with the item song ‘Kutha Kutha Jayacha Honeymoon La’ from debutant director Vishal Devrukhkar’s Boyz. Now, who would have thought that Sunny would enter Marathi cinema one day?

The song is the remake of the Marathi lavani ‘Kutha Kutha Jayacha Honeymoon La.’ But apart from the title line, the entire song is in Hindi. Frankly, the Hindi lyrics ‘Woh ban gaya mera majnu, main ban gayi uski laila’ don’t gel with the main line and appears like a forced attempt at rhyming. Sunidhi Chauhan has done well though.

Coming to the visuals, this is one of those sleazy item numbers that could have been shot in a classier way. 

Boyz is the story of three teenagers played by Sumant Shinde, Parth Bhalerao (of Killa and Bhoothnath Returns fame) and Pratik Lad. The film also stars Santosh Juvekar, Zakir Hussain, Shilpa Tulaskar and Sharvari Jemnis. 

Boyz will be released on 8 September. 

Watch the song: 

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