We will initiate legal action against land owner: Latha Rajinikanth's school

The school administration has responded to the land owner's allegations and has said it will initiate legal action against it. 

Manigandan KR

The Guindy unit of the Ashram School, run by Latha Rajinikanth, was shut down by the land owners. They claim that they had resorted to the move as a result of the school defaulting on rent payment.

Now, the school administration has issued a statement in which it has presented the other side of the story. The statement calls the allegations against the school administration false and states that the land owners had illegally raised the rent. It further says that the land owners have been creating problems for the school due to their own family problems. The school administration has asked the media and the public to not believe the false allegations.

"We had not only thought about this issue but had also decided to vacate that premises. Moreover, we are in talks to end this problem. We request the media and the public not to believe such false claims and urge them to understand the truth," the statement read.

Further, the administration will be taking legal action against the land owners, "We wish to inform that we will initiate legal action on behalf of the children, parents, teachers and staff of the school who have been affected as a result of the mental trauma caused by the land owners to the Ashram administration. We will also initiate defamation proceedings against them," the statement said.