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Rajat Kapoor turns to crowdfunding for his next film

The filmmaker has put out a notice for the public to donate funds for his next film.

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Shriram Iyengar

Cinephiles wondering why Rajat Kapoor has not been making more films like Ankhon Dekhi (2014), there's news for you. The director has taken to the crowdfunding in order to get the finances for his next film.

In a note put up on the site, Kapoor says, "All you wonderful people, some whom I know - some I have never met;
Some of you who are friends, some who will be friends some day;
Some of you that I have had the pleasure of collaborating, and others whose work and lives I have admired;
You film buffs, lovers of cinema and casual but enlightened film goer..
So many of you who have commented earlier about Ankhon Dekhi or Mithya and wondered why we don't make more films like these.
I ask you for your support.
I have been trying to raise money through conventional sources for the last three years, and that has not worked.
But that does not mean that I won’t make a film.
I will, only the funds will not be raised through conventional means.
I know, many of you have wanted to be a part of this independent cinema movement, or wondered what you could do to help but did not know how.
Well, this is one way.
Whatever you think this deserves - whatever you feel you could part with. A thousand rupees, ten thousand, twenty thousand - every paisa will be helpful.
And every paisa that comes in, will go into the film.
And if you don’t have money, that is fine too - tell others. That would help.
And if not that, then just send us your good wishes- and a big hug.
Because that would go a long way in making this real too.."

Kapoor's crowdfunding initiative is launched on the site

Kapoor had last directed the critically acclaimed film, Ankhon Dekhi (2014). He was last seen in the 2017 film, Mantra.

In an interview to digital news website in 2016, Kapoor said, "Not at all. I’ve got three scripts ready for the last three years and I’ve met everybody in this industry. 'Great script sir, but no'. And these three scripts need four to six crores. But I will shoot this year. I will write something else, which I can do in one-and-a-half, two crores."

This is not the first time Kapoor has turned to crowd funding either. He had chosen that option to fund his earlier, Ankhon Dekhi. The film proved to be a critical hit, winning the Filmfare award for Best Film (Critics) and Filmfare award for Best Actor (Critics) for Sanjay Mishra, as well as Filmfare award for Best Story for Kapoor.

If this proves successful, Kapoor might have a new producer to depend on.