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'Young and Free' song: Priyanka Chopra’s new single is highly entertaining 

Australian DJ Will Sparks' EDM music and Chopra’s electrifying voice light up 'Young and Free'.

Mayur Lookhar

Priyanka Chopra’s single 'Yonug and Free' is finally out. This is her fourth single after 'In My City', 'Exotic' and 'Erase'.  

If not her best, 'Young and Free' is different. 'In My City' and 'Exotic' were pop tracks, while 'Erase' was a mix of pop and techno. 'Young and Free' is an out and out EDM (Electronic Dance Music) number. Chopra has collaborated with Australian DJ Will Sparks for the track. The song is young at heart and highly entertaining.

Chopra has written the song along with Rachel Rabin, Toby Gad and Tyrone William Griffin Jr. 'Young and Free' tempts you to let go of everything that’s holding you back and get engrossed to the beats like there’s no tomorrow. Through this song, Chopra urges all to break free from the monotony of love, mundane lives and run away with her young and free spirit.

The lyrics are neat and inspiring, backed by electrifying music by Sparks. There’s a spark in every beat of the song. The tempo goes a little too high and awry at 2 minute 40 seconds. That though is barely for 10 seconds before it gets back on track. The end is slightly timid as the sudden drop in music in the last few seconds feels as though someone just pulled out the plug. These are just minor chinks for the song that keeps you hooked on throughout its duration.

While she has four singles now, there’s always been doubts whether it is really Chopra singing the song. She has rarely performed any of her songs live. EDM music is all about technology, which also used by singers to modulate their voice to suit the song theme, music.

The international star seems to have a swag as she croons 'Young and Free'. Her voice here reflects the free spirit of the lyrics, and she’s in sync with most EDM tunes and beats. 'Young and Free' has all the ingredients that will bring out the spark in you.

Listen to 'Young and Free' below.