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Inder Kumar's wife Pallavi, close friend slam his ex-wife Padiya, Koppikar, Deepshikha

Jatin Dharna, a close friend of the late actor, spoke exclusively to about Inder Kumar.

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Keyur Seta

Inder Kumar’s wife Pallavi has slammed his ex-wife Sonal Padiya and actresses Isha Koppikar and Deepshikha Nagpal for allegedly sharing false information about him with the media.

Pallavi Kumar wrote on Facebook, “Even god can’t deny it. People who all are talking shit about his habits and as a person should pls stop it. Let the man go in peace. Nobody knew him more than me. He was a fighter. A great father and a terrific husband. I have been married for 7 years. Friends with him for 17 years. Everyone has ups & downs.He was not in depression nor was he financially broke. There was no situation he could not fight. That's why god gave him a heart attack in sleep.” She specifically mentioned Koppikar and Padiya in the post.

In an interview with website, Padiya had said Inder Kumar could never forget Koppikar. She also spoke of domestic violence adding, "There came a point where I couldn't take it any longer."

Deepshikha had informed the Bombay Times supplement of The Times of India newspaper about the supposed financial troubles Kumar faced, saying, "He was going through a rough patch in terms of finances and work." 

Koppikar had told the same publication about Kumar's alleged 'bad habits', saying, "Inder had such great potential as an actor but he threw it all away because of some habits." 

Pallavi Kumar's statement on Facebook.

Inder Kumar’s close family friend Jatin Dharna agreed with Pallavi Kumar while speaking exclusively with “Some people are saying anything for publicity," he said. "When a person is no more, at least let him be in peace. Deepshikha said his financial condition was critical, which is not true at all.”

Dharna is an executive producer who has worked on films like Hawaizaada (2015). He spoke of his friendship with Inder Kumar. “I have known him ever since I came to Mumbai eight years ago," he said. "We met through a mutual friend and became close friends. I had a family-like relationship with him. We didn’t celebrate anything, including our birthdays, without each other. He used to share everything with me. Whenever he felt lonely, he would call me.”

Actor Salman Khan is said to have helped Inder Kumar bag a few roles. "He told me how Salmanbhai helped him when nobody stood with him," Dharna said. "He used to guide him and help him with films. Recently, Salman gave his reference for Wanted (2009) and Yeh Dooriyan (2011). He was like his big brother. Inderbhai was close to Salman’s family as well.”

Salman Khan, too, was shocked to hear of Inder Kumar's death, Dharna said. “His [Inder Kumar's] phone was with me. Salmanbhai called him. Bhabhi told him he had suffered a heart attack. He asked whether he was into alcohol again. But he [Inder Kumar] had stopped drinking since a few years. When his daughter fell sick, he decided to focus on his work and towards her future. He had even stopped smoking. He was meeting big directors. But people don’t help you during your bad phase. So, he started signing small films.” One of Kumar’s unreleased films is Phati Padi Hai Yaar. 

The sudden loss of his friend has come as a shock to Dharna. “I had met him just one or two days before," he said. "I had a meal with him. But suddenly on Thursday night, while I was returning from a film, I got a call from his family that he is no more. I was shocked and felt this was some joke. When I reached his home and saw his body on the bed, I got so scared that I turned back and stood downstairs for some time. Then I decided that I have to face this.”

But what he witnessed was hard to take. “Bhabhi [Pallavi Kumar] was crying. She told me, ‘Inder is not waking up. You ask him to get up. He always listens to you.’ I really didn’t know how to react. Doctors tried a lot for an hour by giving him shocks. But finally they declared that it was a massive heart attack.”

Dharna also spoke about Inder Kumar’s jovial nature. “He was always smiling," he said. "He never used to show on his face what all was going on with him. You wouldn't realize from his face that he was facing any problem. He was that strong. I once told him I wished to build a body like his. He made me join a gym and used to wake me up at 5 am. He was physically strong.”

Inder Kumar had met with an accident while shooting a helicopter scene in Suniel Shetty’s Maseeha (2002). But he didn’t let that affect him. “There were a lot of cracks in his body. There was also a rod fitted in his leg. But he became fine and fit and was back to work,” he said. 

Inder Kumar had shot a cameo for Dharna’s web series titled Single City Girl. “I coaxed him to do a cameo in it,” he said.