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Comedian Sunil Pal accuses Anees Bazmee of non payment of dues

Pal claims to have performed at a private function for Bazmee's friend, at the behest of the director.

Mayur Lookhar

Actor, stand-up comedian, Sunil Pal, has posted a video on his facebook account accusing the filmmaker of non-payment of dues.

“Aneez Bazmee had requested me to perform at a private function for a family friend. He said he cannot afford the market rates and so I’d asked him to pay whatever he deems fit. I honoured my commitment and then he just vanished. You left for the shooting of Mubarakan. I kept calling your friend Mayur Barot, but he kept delaying the payment until they stopped responding to my calls and texts,” Pal said in the video.

Pal went on to add that he had to wait for 6-7 months to hear from Bazmee, but was shocked with the director’s attitude.

“I finally managed to speak to Bazmee, requesting him to clear my dues but he refused telling to forget this as they’ll be more opportunists to work in the future. I didn’t budge but he was unfazed by police threat. He’d dared me to do whatever I want,” added Pal. contacted the comedian to confirm the news. When asked whether a contract was signed between the parties before the performance, he said, “No, there was no contract. I’d agreed to perform out of good faith. However, I do have text messages pertaining to this conversation, both with Bazmee and his friend Mayur Barot. Bazmee doesn’t enjoy goodwill in the industry. I will not be filing any police complaint as I don’t expect him to clear my dues.’

In a conversation with, Bazmee however claimed that Pal was, in fact, asked to leave the party. “Sunil Pal was contacted by one of my team members to perform at a private function. I was aware of the development. However, I later learnt that Pal had got drunk and not honoured his commitment at the party. In fact, the hosts themselves had asked Pal and his family to leave. Rs20-25,000 is a petty amount why would I hold such amount back? But if the guy hasn’t honoured his commitment then why should anyone pay him?”, Bazmee said.