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Ram Gopal Varma goes on 'Phantom' bashing spree

Phantom is a multiple face of illusion, with non-truthful and malicious intent, said the Sarkar 3 director as he put up a series of tweets mocking Vikas Bahl, and Phantom Films.

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Mayur Lookhar

It was his birthday yesterday, and Ram Gopal Varma threw a different kind of ‘bash’. The controversial filmmaker took cheeky digs at Vikash Bahl, Anurag Kashyap and Phantom Films in a series of Tweets. Phantom has been courting controversy ever since the news of one of its key directors and head honchos, Vikas Bahl being fired from the company for allegedly molesting a female employee started doing the rounds. Varma used this as perfect opportunity to mock Phantom Fiilms, making the best use of puns.

In an indirect attack on Anurag Kashyap and Bahl, Varma was hilariously scathing in his attack on the Phanton founders. 

Varma cleverly punned on Bahl’s 2014 film Queen but simultaneously beating his own trumpet. Company is the production firm of Varma.

This Phantom bashing and self indulgence didn't stop here as Varma took more cheeky digs. 





Interestingly, Kashyap had begun his career with Varma. The Ugly (2014) director had penned the script for Varma’ Satya (1998) .

Usually, on a birthday, you would expect one to be in cheerful mood but RGV ,being RGV, bemoned over getting a year older. 

He  takes digs at others, but Varma is sporting enough to take a joke on himself too. Here he appreciated this cheeky dig by a hater.