Polish actress Angela Krislinzki calls Hrithik her mentor; actor responds with 'who are you'

The Kaabil actor seemed taken aback by the comments by Polish actress Angela Krislinzki.

Source: Angela Krilinzki Instagram

Mayur Lookhar

After the long-drawn battle with Kangana Ranaut, Hrithik Roshan is a bit wary of forced ties. When an international actress working in the Telugu and Hindi film industry called him a 'mentor' and 'friend', Hrithik did not take it too kindly.

In an article in a daily newspaper, Angela Krislinzki, who is of Polish descent, called Hrithik a friend and mentor. She claimed she shot a couple of commercials with Hrithik. Krislinzki has worked in a few Telugu films and her next is Puri Jagannadh’s Rogue.

“I consider Hrithik a mentor and keep him informed. I showed him a song from my last south release, Size Zero and he liked it immensely. Later, I even sent him the first look and trailer of my upcoming film Rogue and he was impressed,” she told the newspaper.

The actress spoke at length about Hrithik. She even shared a picture with him. "Like every other newcomer, I had a crush on Hrithik when I worked with him for the first time in a commercial. When I told him about my half-Spanish background, he was reminded about the old-world charm of Valencia and Spain. He was supportive and gave me acting tips," Krislinzki said.

The actress claimed that their friendship blossomed when they shot for their second commercial. "I was under the impression that he had forgotten me. After all, he is a star who shoots umpteen ads with several young models. But he called out to me and remembered all the conversations we’d had and the fact that my dad was from Valencia. He also asked me jokingly whether the colour of my eyes was real. When I signed a movie in the South, he also inquired about the maker and assured me that this film would definitely take me places," added Krislinzki.

The actress must have expected Hrithik to respond favourably, but Krislinzki was in for a rude shock. 

A surprised Hrithik took to Twitter, questioning who she was and why was she lying. 

All we can say is, Hrithik is staying clear of any trouble.