Meri Pyaari Bindu is not a love story, says Ayushmann Khurrana

The actor says his film is the unique story of a relationship of a boy and a girl from ages five through 35.

Mayur Lookhar

Love is one of the favourite themes of Hindi cinema. The problem is that Hindi cinema makes so many love stories that it often runs the risk of monotony. However, Ayushmann Khurrana does not believe his forthcoming film Meri Pyaari Bindu will face that threat.

Khurrana, Parineeti Chopra and Akshay Roy stepped out to promote the film on Monday. The film's teaser, which was released last week, was widely appreciated, especially for the hard-hitting dialogue, "Log pyaar karna toh sikhate hain, par us pyaar ko bhoolna koi nahi sikhta [They teach you how to love, but none teaches you how to get over your love]."

Ironically, just yesterday, The Times of India newspaper carried a report of love killing many more in India than even terrorism. As per the newspaper, over 117,000 people died of love-related issues last year while only 20,000 died in terrorist incidents.

We asked the team of Meri Pyaari Bindu whether, given these statistics, the makers could have timed the release of their trailer any better?

Seconding the newspaper report, Khurrana said, “Of course mental, emotional illness is more wrecking than something physical. Woh dialogue logon ke dimaag main chipak gaya hai [The dialogue has stuck with the people]. However, the film is not exactly a love story. It is a relationship story of two individuals from age 5 to 35, over a period of time. It is beautiful. Their moments of life are attached to each classic song. It is a unique arc which you have never seen in the industry before."

In the film, Abhimanyu Roy (Khurrana) and Bindu (Chopra) record their best memories through classic tracks in a tape. Meri Pyaari Bindu hopes to ride on the wave of nostalgia.

Khurrana continued, "This film is a lot about nostalgia. We live in the past. It is a very Indian thing to do. Naye gaane aate hain, jaate hain, but purane gaane hum sunna nahi bhooltey [New songs come and go, but these old melodies endure].”

Speaking of nostalgia, Khurrana and Chopra disclosed some of the things they loved most as children. While Khurrana misses his pineapple cake and Phantom mints, Chopra's favourite were the sweet-and-sour digestive balls Fatafat.

We asked Khurrana and Chopra whether they had any advice to proffer real-life jilted/spurned lovers and the two artistes immediately passed the buck to director Akshay Roy. 

"I am not the best person to give advice on matters of love," said Chopra while Khurrana joked, “Among us three, it is Akshay Roy who is leading a happy life. He is the best person to answer this question. He has been married for 10 years."

The director, though, was quick with his retort: "I’m happily married for the last 10 years. So I have no advice for jilted lovers."

Chopra returns to the silver screen with Meri Pyaari Bindu after three years. She, however, said the break was much needed. "It came at an important time in my life," she explained. "I was going through a transformation in my personal life. I had worked for three years without a day's break. I felt burnt out. It was important to introspect on my personal and professional life to do better work, feel better, feel healthier. I didn’t shoot for 8-9 months. Thereafter, I took this film, but by the time it went on the floors another year passed. I feel I’m now doing my best work. I am sleeping better. I have much better stamina."

Meri Pyaari Bindu is set to be released on 12 May.