'Cricket Wali Beat': Sachin Tendulkar makes singing debut on Indian Idol 9 with Sonu Nigam

The cricketer lent his voice to a new song, 'Cricket Wali Beat' alongside singer Nigam. 

Shriram Iyengar

Sachin Tendulkar is picking up new hobbies after his retirement from cricket. The legendary batsman has now turned singer with a new single alongside Sonu Nigam. Named 'Cricket Wali Beat', the song is a peppy, upbeat number about the one thing closest to Tendulkar's heart, cricket. 

Released on 2 April, the song has Tendulkar joining Nigam behind the mic. The song is surprisingly apt for Tendulkar, named after composer Sachin Dev Burman, as it combines his two favourite pastimes — music and cricket. Though the cricketer does not have the most effective voice, the mild falsetto adds to the peppy fun track. Nigam raises the energy of the track with his usual gusto. 

The song had its grand premiere on the final episode of Indian Idol 9 on television.

Speaking about the song, Nigam said, "I am glad to be part of Sachin's new innings. The song that he has sung with me is called 'Cricket Wali Beat'. I was very surprised to see the way he was pitching right. That's why I believe that when God blesses someone with genius, it spills in other faculties too." 

Nigam added that the song, composed by Shamir Tandon, did not require them to make any pitch correctors to Tendulkar's voice. He said, " We did not use pitch corrector on his voice as he was singing in the right sur (tone) and (despite being) the shy person that he is, he got extremely comfortable the moment I kind of increased the masti (fun) quotient while we were shooting the video. It was wonderful and I am very happy that people are loving the song." 

Tendulkar is also set to appear in the upcoming biopic Sachin: A Billion Dreams, directed by James Erskine. 

It looks like the Master Blaster has a new career choice to make.