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Vir Das takes on religion, Trump and breakfast cereal on Conan O'Brien's show

The stand-up comedian, whose new series is streaming on Netflix, appeared on O'Brien's show, and the video with his segment has gone viral on the internet.

Shriram Iyengar

That Vir Das has a funny bone was never in question, but the comedian has pushed a very familiar button in his new show Abroad Understanding on Netflix. Promoting the show, the comedian even performed a segment on the Conan O'Brien Show which has gone viral online.

The segment saw Das launch into a direct comparison of his Indianness against American culture. Comparing the presidency of Donald Trump to an arranged marriage, Das quipped, "I hear how people say 'I didn't vote for this guy, and now I have to live with him.' To you Americans, this is your president. To most Indians, it is an arranged marriage."

The new trailer for Das's show seems to border on similar intentions. The teaser, released yesterday, features Das going off on some touchy issues like gun control. "You cannot have gun violence in India because there are no gay night clubs, just WhatsApp groups."

The occasional actor even expanded on the 'most underrated' aspect of Americanism, breakfast. "You have a 60 ft by 10 ft aisle for cereal. Ladies and gentlemen, in Bombay, that's a school," Das signs off.

Vir Das: Abroad Understanding is now streaming on Netflix. Watch the teaser here: