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Kamal Haasan agrees to host Bigg Boss in Tamil

The Vishwaroopam actor has reportedly agreed to hosting the Tamil version of Bigg Boss, suggesting the 'schedules have been worked into his commitments'. 

Shriram Iyengar

Kamal Haasan has taken on many roles over a long and distinguished career. Now, he plans to step into Salman Khan's shoes as the host of the reality show, Bigg Boss, in Tamil. The actor has revealed in a recent interview that he is all set to play the host, moderator, and mentor on the Tamil version of the popular reality show, Bigg Boss. 

Speaking to digital media channel The Quint, the actor revealed, "Yes, I am doing Bigg Boss in Tamil. I’ve tried many different roles in various capacities as an entertainer but never as a host on a television show. Reality television is so far not a reality in my career. I want to see what it feels like." 

Haasan was recently at the centre of controversy after his quotes on the Mahabharata got him a PIL in Tamil Nadu. However, it has not had any impact on his work. The report also quoted Haasan saying, "Oh yes! As you know, I am running behind schedule because for eight months I wasn’t running at all, thanks to my fractured foot. I am now working simultaneously on completing the comedy Shabash Naidu and the post-production of Vishwaroopam 2. The Bigg Boss schedules have been worked into my other commitments. Let’s see how it goes." 

Haasan is not the first to step into the reality show universe. Previously, Amitabh Bachchan, Arshad Warsi, Sanjay Dutt and Shilpa Shetty had been hosts of the Hindi version, before Salman Khan took over. 

Speaking on Khan's performance on the show, Haasan said, "Salman genuinely bonds with the contestants on Bigg Boss. There is no pretension or patronising in his attitude. Being friendly comes naturally to him. And he gives advice as a friend, not as a mentor. There is none of the I-know-better superiority in his attitude. I’d also like to bond genuinely with the contestants, though how it goes will depend entirely on how they perceive me, as a friend or as a mentor." 

Speaking on his own ability, Haasan added that his 'comprehensive grasp of nature' might be an advantage. He said, "I’ve a fairly comprehensive gasp on human nature. Yeah, I think I’m qualified to give advice. Let’s see how it goes. Stepping into a new territory is always exciting." 

To quote the show, 'Welcome to Bigg Boss' house, Mr Haasan'.