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Justin Bieber concert: Armaan Malik backs Kailash Kher, Sonakshi Sinha hits back at Armaan

Kher had criticised the move to have Sinha sing at the Justin Bieber concert in May.

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Mayur Lookhar

Singer-composer Armaan Malik has backed singer Kailash Kher when he slammed the move to have actress Sonakshi Sinha perform at the Justin Bieber concert in May this year. Bieber's The Purpose World Tour is slated to take place on 10 May at DY Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai.

Sonakshi Sinha to perform at Justin Bieber concert, Kailash Kher slams move

Kher had slammed the event managers and producers of the Bieber concert for having Sinha sing at the upcoming event. While Sinha didn't react to Kher's comments, she expressed her disappointment with Malik's comments on Twitter.

Kher had told IANS news agency that getting actors to sing at international artiste’s concert in India was a not a good sign and sends a wrong message internationally.  

Agreeing with Kher, Malik categorically stated in his tweet that actors should remain actors, and leave the singing playground to the singers.

Sinha wasn’t amused and hit out at Malik saying that an artist needs to be backed and not suppressed.

The Akira actress reminded Malik in her subsequent tweet how he once wanted her to sing for him.

Malik hasn’t responded to Sinha’s comments yet, but Malik and Kher’s comments have indeed raised a pertinent question: should Bollywood actors who are amateur singers perform at concerts featuring international stars?