Dawood’s nephew threatens to kill Sonu Nigam over azaan controversy

Ameen Dawood Parkar also said that Muslims can kill and get killed for the nation. 

Picture: Shutterbugs Images

Keyur Seta

There has been a major development in the controversy over the use of loudspeakers for religious purposes kicked up by singer Sonu Nigam. Dawood’s nephew and Haseena Parkar’s son, Ameen Dawood Parkar has threatened to kill the singer over his remarks on azaan in a video shared by him today.

He started off stating that he has grown up with friends from different religions. He added, “When our Prime Minister was holding an election rally in Assam, he switched off his mike for five minutes when the azaan was played. Modi ji has no problem (with azaan). Yogi ji (Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath) has no problem.”

But he soon he goes into attack mode and said, “Just because Muslims are silent doesn’t mean they are frightened. We love our country a lot. We can kill or get killed for the nation.” He added that prophet Muhammad had said that one should love the country in which one stays.

Reacting to Nigam’s ‘gundagardi’ remark, he added, “You have not seen the gundagardi (hooliganism) of Muslims yet. You have acquired fame by singing Mohammad Rafi’s songs. When I had met you I felt you are a good human being. I didn’t know you are so neech (lower level).

His fiercest attack came later. “Beta Sonu Nigam, remember this face. G***u ghus ke maarunga ghar ke andar (will barge into your house and kill you). The nation doesn’t belong to your father. The country also belongs to Muslims. Henceforth, if you utter a single word against Islam, will hit you at a place you won’t be able to forget ever.”

Ameen also urged Muslims to not be divided in various sects. “Else any Tom Dick and Harry would come after us,” he added.

Nigam hasn’t reacted yet on Ameen’s threat.

A film on Ameen’s sister Haseena Parkar will be released on 14 July. Titled Haseena — The Queen Of Mumbai, her character will be played by Shraddha Kapoor.

Watch the video below: