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Secret revealed! Deepika Padukone is Raj Kundra's favourite actress

Kundra and Shilpa's son Viaan reveals how Padukone is a favourite with his dad.

Mayur Lookhar

Shilpa Shetty's husband, businessman Raj Kundra is a fan of actress Deepika Padukone. This was revealed, not by Kundra, but his little son Viaan.

Kundra posted a video of his son on Instagram, and Twitter, in which Viaan let the cat out of the bag.

Seen in the video is Viaan with mother Shilpa in front of a poster with Deepika Padukone. It looks like the family was at the international airport in Mumbai. Viaan is heard telling mum Shilpa that Padukone is "papa’s favourite actor". Shilpa joins Viaan, and he is heard calling her "silly mama".

Kundra confessed to having admiration for girls from Managalore. Both Shilpa and Padukone hail from the state of Karnataka.

Viaan’s cute disclosure was too hard to not elicit any response from his dad’s favourite actress.

Padukone summed it up in one word, ‘adorable’.