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Kangana Ranaut is not disturbed by the sound of azaan

The Queen actress says she likes going to any place of worship, but believes that the issue of loudspeakers raised by singer Sonu Nigam should be considered.

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Mayur Lookhar

Kangana Ranaut has an opinion on most issues and the Queen (2014) actress is never afraid to speak her mind.

At a promotional event today, Ranaut was asked about singer Sonu Nigam complaining about the use of loudspeakers at local mosques for prayers. The Rangoon (2017) actress refused to be dragged into the controversy, and said that she never found the azaan to be disturbing.

“See I can’t speak for anyone, but I personally love aazan! When we were shooting for Tanu Weds Manu in Lucknow, I loved the sound of it (aazan), I can only speak for myself! Whatever religious activity, be it at the gurudwara, or (recitation of) Bhagavad Gita, or aazan, I personally like it a lot. I personally like going to places of worship like a masjid, temple or church! We go for a Christmas Mass too,” Ranaut told reporters.

While she personally has no problems with the azaan, Ranaut called for Nigam’s opinion to be considered and respected.

“As I said, I can only speak for myself, but that’s not to say that what he’s (Sonu Nigam) saying should not be considered. Whatever he said is his opinion and he should be respected for that. I think that’s the idea of bringing it to social media, isn’t it, so it should be discussed! Does that answer your question?,” added Ranaut.

Nigam had created a storm after he criticised the use of loudspeakers for early morning prayers (azaan) at a local mosque near his residence. The singer had defended himself saying that he wasn’t targeting any particular community, but was not in favour of use of loudspeakers at any place of worship at odd hours.

A Kolkata clergy had issued a fatwa against the singer announcing a reward of Rs10 lakh to anyone who shaved Nigam’s head, garlanded him with shoes and paraded him around the country. Nigam responded to the fatwa by getting noted Muslim hairstylist and friend Hakim Aalim to shave his head.