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Cinestaan exclusive: Purab Kohli calls 'Noor' Sonakshi Sinha a diligent actor

As the photojournalist opposite Sinha in Noor, Kohli has picked another character that walks a different path. Sitting down in an exclusive with Cinestaan.com, the VJ, model and actor spoke about working with Sinha, his comfortable space, and talking The Matrix with the Wachowskis. 

Shriram Iyengar

Purab Kohli is a genial man. The first thing that strikes you about him is the ease of conversation. On the release day of Sunhil Sippy's Noor, Kohli sat down to talk with Cinestaan.com, about the film, and the comfortable space his career is in. 

"It is a coming of age film," said Kohli on the Sonakshi Sinha-starrer. Kohli plays a photojournalist, Ayanika Bannerjee (Not Ayan Mukherjee, as he reminds us) who is a 'risque' character that Noor falls for. On his co-star, and the film's eponymous Noor, Sinha, Kohli says, "She is a very hardworking and diligent actor. It helps in upping your game." 

His game is certainly on point. Kohli has quietly summed up a successful year with performances in films like Airlift (2016), and Rock On 2 (2016). He has even worked with the creators of the Matrix, The Wachowskis. Speaking about the series, Sense8, Kohli said he went for an audition not expecting it to happen. "Two days later, I got a call saying 'The audition has been deleted by mistake, can you come and redo it?", he laughs.

He has just completed shooting for the second season of the series, which will air on 5 May. A self-confessed Matrix fan, he admitted, "I had an entire discussion on the three films with them (Lana and Lilly Wachowski)." 

Watch the interview here: