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Trolls slam Deepika Padukone for endorsing popular aerated drink

Though her new ad has been appreciated by her fans, many took offence to the actress promoting a product that's hazardous for health.

Mayur Lookhar

Deepika Padukone has become the latest victim of trolls for endorsing a popular aerated drink.

Celebrities make big bucks through brand endorsements, but many a times their choices have backfired. In the wake of pesticides being used in the production of well-known aerated drinks, there have been calls to ban them completely.

Padukone has been endorsing the soft drink for a few years now. The company unveiled a new TV commercial wherein the actress is locked inside a lift with a hotel staffer. As the power goes off, Padukone and the boy are stuck in the lift. The duo then bond over the chilled soft drink. Padukone posted the new commercial on her Facebook page.

While her ardent fans admired the new commercial, the ad offended those who believe that such aerated drinks are unhealthy and should be banned. Here are a few messages from social media. 



Celebrities getting slammed for promoting products is nothing new. Madhuri Dixit was slammed for promoting packaged food (noodles) which was found to have more than permissable levels of lead content. Recently, Abhay Deol had slammed all Bollywood celebrities who endorse fairness cream.