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Watch: Pakistani channel claims Om Puri's ghost looking for his killer

TRP-driven BOL News suggests a ridiculous theory, claims late actor's ghost wants revenge against India's National Security Advisor Ajit Doval.

Mayur Lookhar

At the time of his death earlier this year, some Pakistani media had claimed that actor Om Puri was murdered allegedly at the behest of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. With his passing, one would have expected baseless controversies to die too. However, a Pakistani news channel has posted a video claiming that Puri's ghost is wandering outside his Andheri residence.

If that wasn't bizarre, the channel, BOL News, claims that the late actor's soul is wandering as he is seeking revenge against his killers. BOL News has dragged India’s Prime Minister Modi and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval into their ridiculous reportage.

A doctored interview to a Pakistani channel had landed Puri in controversies. Bogged by alcoholism, personal woes and needless controversies, Puri passed away on 6 January this year.

Watch the video posted by BOL News which has anchor Aamir Liaquat claiming that the actor’s ghost is wandering around his house, seeking revenge against Doval, and that the ghost won't spare Puri's estranged second wife Nandita.

The channel alleged that Modi and Doval wanted Puri to be eliminated after he had allegedly insulted the Uri terror attack martyrs.

Soon the Pakistani media was trolled for the bizarre report. One user claimed that this video was first shown by a noted Indian news channel, which claimed that Puri’s ghost was wandering in Pakistan.

Some users slammed the Pakistani and Indian news channels for their coverage.

There is no such video available on the Indian news channel, but the Pakistani channel had posted their report on 14 April.

For the record, the original video was posted by a YouTube channel as part of their scary videos in April last year. Take a look.