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Priyanka Chopra steals the show co-hosting Live with Kelly 

Chopra co-hosted the show with Kelly Ripa, and Jennifer Hudson, discussing madness at the Academy Awards to pregnant giraffes. 

Shriram Iyengar

Priyanka Chopra might be getting ready to return to India, but New York can't get enough of her. After being announced the winner of the 'Sexiest red carpet look' by Victoria's Secret, the actress upped her act by co-hosting Live with Kelly, with anchor Kelly Ripa. 

Ripa and Chopra had previously turned up an entertaining performance with Chrissy Teigen at the backstage of the Academy Awards, and the chemistry had not diminished over the months. The host, Ripa, quite thrilled at the international presence of Chopra, seemed to let her have some of the centerstage. Chopra revelled in it. 


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From cracking jokes on saying goodbyes, 'I am, as everyone knows on a visa here. You never know what could happen to my future," Chopra said. The Quantico actress was a whole riot, be it admitting to her fondness for tequila to talking about her adopted dog. 'She's named Baby Di, after Diana, the princess", revealed Priyanka Chopra. 

The actress, who is also on the jury for the Tribeca Film Festival's Documentary and Student Visionary Competition, said she spent the weekend 'vegetating' on her couch watching films, with Baby Di. 

Having finished her final schedule for Quantico, the actress revealed it was her first weekend off. Talking about the hectic shooting schedules, Chopra said, "It is 15 hour days, 5 days a week. On weekends, I do a lot of promo work for the show." 

Even before guests Josh Lucas and Jennifer Hudson could come on board, Ripa shared her fear of child birth with Chopra through the viral video of a giraffe giving birth. For her part, Chopra was part amused and part scared. 

Of course, the conversation soon veered to yoga. Chopra pointed out the different types of yoga that have emerged from naked yoga, pot yoga, goat yoga, even a tantrum yoga. "Our prime minister in India is not going to be pleased with that," Chopra added. However, host Kelly Ripa was quite fixated on naked yoga. As the discussing delineated into the risks of it, Ripa questioned who would have it worse - men or women? "Now, that's a conversation," laughed Priyanka Chopra. 

With her touch of humour and panache, it is quite easy to see why Chopra remains a popular on the Hollywood circuit. The actress has finished shooting for her final schedule for Quantico's second season, and is likely to come back to India for a 10 day break. However, she will have to return to the United States on 10 May in time for the premiere of her film, Baywatch.