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We have a chemistry: Sushant Singh Rajput on Raabta co-actor Kriti Sanon

The curiosity surrounding the Rajput-Sanon equation just got more intriguing.

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Mayur Lookhar

From the time they started shooting together for Raabta, the gossip mills have been churning out tales of romance between Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon. Both have often rubbished the rumours and the duo is known to keep their respective personal lives private.

The trailer of Raabta was launched today and it was perhaps the first time Rajput and Sanon faced the media together. While they were not directly asked if they were dating, Rajput was asked about their chemistry in real life.

"Yes, chemistry toh hain, (yes there is a chemistry)," Rajput replied. However, the Raabta actor was in no mood to let the cat out of the bag.

"There is a chemistry. We are both engineering graduates. We both have the Delhi connection," added Rajput.

Earlier, Sanon spoke about having a raabta (connection) with director Dinesh Vijan and Rajput. Vijan had called both the actors but to discuss a different subject.  

"There are times when you meet someone and connect with them instantly. You like talking to them, you can chat for hours. I’d met met Vijan for a different script. He then started narrating the script for Raabta. I went back home. The script stayed with me for a couple of days. I told Vijan why doesn’t he make this film?" said Sanon.

Director Vijan revealed that the Raabta idea was with him for a long time, but he never had the belief that he could make the film. The director revealed that the whole idea of Raabta came about with a basic scene involving a boy and girl at a coffee shop. And he got Sanon and Rajput to the theme as a test scene.

“I was surprised to see Rajput was there. We did this chocolate shop scene. We did a couple of takes, but after the third take, we started reading each other’s line,” said Sanon. And it is this positivity, this chemistry that made Vijan believe that he should make the film.

“It is quite inexplicable how Raabta came about. After watching the two perform, there was this energy in this chocolate shop scene that came alive,” said Vijan.

The love for chocolate isn’t limited to the reel life. Sanon revealed that her co-actor has a sweet tooth.

"If you want Sushant to be nice to you, then you offer him ice-cream, chocolates. You should see him how he reacts when he sees ice-cream, chocolate or babies.”

As seen in the trailer, Sanon’s character mocks Rajput for being too cheesy.  

“Shiv loves to talk about himself, likes being cheesy. Sushant is no different in real life. When I told him why he was doing that, Sushant would say that he’s trying get into the skin of his character,” said Sanon.

The curiosity surrounding the Rajput-Sanon equation just got more intriguing. One eager beaver asked the duo if their real raabta (connection) was stronger than their reel connection.

Sanon sensed where the conversation was heading and said diplomatically, “I have the same connect with Dinesh Vijan too.”  Rajput didn’t hesitate and said that more than the character, he had a raabta with Sanon.

Raabta will be released on 9 June.