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Sonu Nigam questions use of loudspeakers for early morning azaan

The singer called for the end of use of loudspeakers at odd hours at all places of worship.

Mayur Lookhar

It has been an eventful Monday morning for singer and actor Sonu Nigam who created a stir on social media when he posted tweets questioning the use of loudspeakers for morning azaan (prayers) in mosques, which apparently disturbed his sleep.

Woken up by the morning azaan from a local mosque, Nigam posted this tweet at 5.25 am, questioning forced religiousness in India. While some slammed the singer, others agreed with him on social media.

This Twitter user was critical of Nigam, reminding him that no one had rights to question religious beliefs.

Meanwhile, this gentleman turned the focus on Bollywood, questioning the singer why Hindi cinema often showed Hindu rituals and religious songs in films.

This anonymous user backed Nigam’s stance calling for an end to the use of loudspeakers.

Nigam then went on to post a couple of more tweets dragging Prophet Mohammed and scientist Thomas Edison into the matter.

Nigam reminded all that he wasn’t targeting any particular religion, but merely questioning the use of loudspeakers in all places of worship at odd hours.

Filmmaker and political commentator Vivek Agnihotri backed Nigam and called for Muslims to use azaan mobile applications.

The debate kept going with the actor being slammed by many, forcing him to end the debate terming the hate tweets gundagardi (hooliganism).