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People will see a different side of me in Sachin: A Billion Dreams, says Tendulkar

Speaking at the launch of the trailer of his upcoming biopic, Sachin Tendulkar revealed that the film shows more of his life than just the cricket.

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Keyur Seta

Sachin Tendulkar is one of the most popular Indians ever. In fact, his popularity extends globally. Therefore, it is believed that almost everyone knows his life story. But at the launch of the trailer for his upcoming biopic, Sachin: A Billion Dreams, the master batsman disagreed with this assumption. He said there are many aspects of his life that are known only to those close to him.

Speaking about the film, Tendulkar said, "James [director James Erskine] has shown a very different side of me, which not many guys have seen. People have seen me play cricket and [have seen] few other interactions. But there are a lot more things in my movie."

Tendulkar has always been a private person. Asked how comfortable he was sharing his life story in a movie, he said, "Yes, I am a private person. But over a period of time I have also figured out that there are certain things which people want to see and want to know. I have made all possible efforts to try and live up to their expectations. And [we have shown] what I also feel comfortable with [to disclose]. So we got to find that in-between balance where they also get enough. And that is what we have tried to create."

The superstar revealed an anecdote from the time when he was a toddler. "My family was constantly talking about this movie called Maa (1976). It was Dharmendra's movie. My family was going for the movie in a bus. The conductor came for the ticket and asked, 'Which ticket you want?' So I said, 'Maa picture ka ticket chahiye [I want a ticket for Maa]," he said as everyone burst out laughing. 

Tendulkar also mentioned that he never expected that a film would be made on him. "I never thought first of all that something like this is going to happen in my life."

Growing nostalgic, the cricketer shared that playing for the Indian team was his only dream in life. "All I wanted to do as a child was to pick up a cricket bat and play cricket for India and chase my dreams. My dream started when I was only 10. I wanted to win the World Cup for India and hold that trophy. And I started playing cricket."

Directed by James Erskine, Sachin: A Billion Dreams is due to be released on 26 May.