Tiger Shroff refuses to say 'mann ki baat', but family tears into Ram Gopal Varma

The actor refused to react to RGV's comments calling him 'the greatest woman' saying he 'didn't want to bring shame to my mother and father'. However, his family did not shy away from having their thoughts known. 

Photo: Shutterbugs Images

Shriram Iyengar

Ram Gopal Varma sure knows how to rub people the wrong way. The director's tweets went viral after he tried to instigate a fight between Tiger Shroff and Vidyut Jammwal, even calling Tiger 'the greatest woman'. However, the strategy backfired after Jammwal posted a recording of a drunken Varma going on a rant. Soon, the director was apologising profusely on Twitter for his antics. The Shroff family though, is not pleased. 

Speaking to mediapersons at a channel launch, the actor refused to be drawn in further into the controversy. Tiger said, "Ya ya, I have said this before. Umm everybody has a freedom of speech of course, RGV is a senior, he has been in the industry for years, whereas I have recently entered the industry, so ‘mann ki baat bolu toh it won’t be appropriate!" 

Vidyut Jammwal’s exposé: Ram Gopal Varma calls Tiger Shroff a woman, transgender

While many were appalled at Varma's tweets calling Tiger a 'transgender', the actor said it proved he had made a 'mark in the industry'. He said, "I would also want to say that I am glad that I have made some kind of an identity, a mark in the industry that people are at least talking about me. I have made some kind of an impact! If this makes him (RGV) happy, it is okay, he is a senior man. It would be out of line if I react and I don’t want to bring any shame to my mother and father, because I know they wouldn’t want me to react! I don’t want to bring more light to this situation." 

While Tiger remained mature about the whole event, his family stepped up in his defence. Dad Jackie Shroff speaking to an online website said, "What can I say? My son has such an effect on some people that they leave their work to comment on my l’il cub." Incidentally, Jackie is acting in Varma's next film, Sarkar 3, which is scheduled for theatrical release on 12 May. 

Mother Ayesha Shroff did not mince any words saying, "While the dogs bark, the caravan passes on." Tiger's sister, Krishna Shroff said, "I couldn’t be prouder of my brother for already having such a massive effect on people who have been in the game for far longer than he has this early on in his career. He’s killing it." 

Even Farah Khan stepped up in support of Tiger, calling out Varma's inherent misogyny through her tweet. Khan wrote, 'Sad that some people think calling somebody a "woman" is an insult!!' 

As for Varma, the director has gone back to other issues on his Twitter handle. Since apologising and promising a 'changeover', he has tweeted about Donald Trump, economist Adam Smith's book The Wealth of Nations and Mahesh Babu. 

It remains to be seen if anyone is convinced of the director's knowledge after this incident.