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Varun Dhawan's takes a break but his Judwaa gets active on Twitter

Having stated before that social media was distracting him, an official account for one of his characters in Judwaa 2 gets going.

Mayur Lookhar

Fans were not pleased when in an interview to a daily, Dhawan decalared that he will be taking a break from Twitter as it has been distracting him from his work. At first one thought that the actor was quitting Twitter, but Dhawan clarified that he was merely taking a beak. 

“I have taken a break from Twitter. I never said that I am leaving it for good. After the first week of the release of Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya, I decided I would go off Twitter for a while. I’ve uninstalled the app. I felt it was necessary because I am doing a difficult film. Playing two characters [on Judwaa 2] can’t be easy with a lot of VFX and action involved. It’s physically draining, too, I need to be in great physical shape to pull off this film. Social media was a bit of a distraction. I’ll come back to it,” Dhawan had told Hundustan Times. The actor also added that he had uninstalled the app from his phone. 

Dhawan is currently in London where he began shooting for Judwaa 2. While he hasn’t tweeted anything since 3 April, the actor (or perhaps his representative) got active on another account that goes by the name of Raja Judwaa 2. The verified account has been in existence since November 2016 and is one of the two characters played by him in Judwaa 2.

So,in that sense Dhawan is not completely off the social media website and fans can, for now, make do with this account. 

The actor's Raja account tweeted about the beginning of Judwaa 2 shoot in London on 10 April, before that he had tweeted about liking the Half Girfriend trailer and even posted a video of him skipping to honour Wolrd Health Day.


Now, if he’s on break then who is tweeting on Dhawan’s behalf here? To be fair to the actor, this new account is a PR commitment and perhaps, a representative is posting these updates.

He hasn’t tweeted on his personal account since 3 April. So, he’s perhaps living up to his word then. 

Judwaa 2 is set to be released on 29th September.